Excuse me,where is?

Where is the nearest loo to the Forum? Where is the closest supermarket to my hotel? Do drugstores in Rome really stock American and U.K medications? This website will give you the answers and more!

About Us

Sometimes a simple idea can develop into so much more. The idea for this website began several years ago in the Roman Forum. We noticed a

young guide leading a group around the site, throwing fast facts at them like bullets. There wasn't a thing he didn't seem to know about Roman

history. At the end of the tour, he asked his group if they had any questions. One man raised his hand. “What would you like to know?” the

guide asked hopefully. “Excuse me” the man replied “Where is the toilet?” and thus a new blog was born

Your everyday needs don't just vanish when you visit a new city. You still have to worry about washing, buying stuff to eat and popping off to

the nearest loo when nature calls. We decided to create a place that offered this type of info and more. It hasn't been easy, sometimes we feel

swamped by detail and frustrated by Google's temperamental street view system but we have persevered. Hopefully you will find our hard

work helpful and that it will assist you to feel nice and relaxed during your stay. Funny how it is the little things that will stress you out.

Alice is master map technician, basic services detective and soothing cup cake maker when names, addresses, phone numbers and location

advice overwhelm. She likes to combine culture and sun when travelling and has roamed the globe for well over 20 years with no signs of

slowing down.


Alice's sister Jessie makes sense of her scribbles, side notes and cryptic map details. Jessie writes the text for the directories, adds her tips

and  hints and shares her essential experiences for her favourite cities. Mornings on the beach and afternoons in a good bookshop or gallery

will keep her happy. She loves the Marx brothers, Caravaggio's Jesus in “St Matthew Called” and listening to Duran Duran when nobody

is around.


We are always happy to hear from you . Just get in touch by clicking  Contact Us


Love and light


Jessie and Alice xxx



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