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Cote d'Azur Public Pools

French Swimming Pools Overview

Cote d'Azur


The Rules are basically:

1.Unable to enter approx 1 hour before closure

2.The centre starts to clear every body out 30 mins before closure

3.Swimming cap MUST be worn, bald or not

4.No board shorts

5.Shower before entering the pool

When it comes to swimming pools in France, there are almost as many mind numbing rules as there are in Italy. For example, not only are you expected to wear the ubiquitous swimming cap but you have to wear a headband as well!

Before you can go near the pool it is recommended that you should also have a five minute fully soaped up shower to remove all the bacteria upon your person. Even then, you are expected to pass your germ free feet through a foot bath just to be sure.

As usual in France, you will be accosted by a grumpy attendant to make payment before being passed to yet another grumpy attendant who gives you your locker key. This is the holy grail of swimming pools etiquette. Access to your locker varies but if you lose your key, be prepared for the hassle that will ensue. The grumpy attendant will swear they have never seen you before and simply will not help you out until you present your receipt and every other bit of useless paperwork you have received upon entry. Guard these items carefully, they will save you so much time and trouble should something go awry.

Unlike Italy, lane etiquette is now being followed in France. Staff watch swimmers like hawks nowadays and woe betide if you stray out of your lane, swim slowly in the fast lane or mow down your fellow swimmers in the slow lane.

To be specific,since Jan 2013 some of the pool life guard responsibilities include:

Ensuring that everyone can swim at speed without endangering others.

Making sure the signs are clear as to what type of swimming is in each lane.

At least two or three lanes of the pool must be equipped with lap lanes and a line must be permanently dedicated to free style or back stoke.

To swim to your right

Humans being humans, most of these rules are flouted and it is rather funny to watch the guards calling people out for their behaviour. Naturally it isn't funny if you are the one being admonished by a red faced fellow in a tiny swimsuit so try and remember to be good. Keep your distance from teenagers, they love to dive bomb and pay no attention to the staff, as all good teenagers should. If you are an avid swimmer, the link below will give you further insight into the French Swimming experience




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