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Handiplage Beaches O/V

Handiplage Beaches Overview

A day at the beach can be difficult for those with a disability. Thankfully the French Government is leading the way by offering a service known as Handiplage. A Handiplage makes swimming accessible to not only those in a wheelchair but to anyone with a disability.

The service is free and has locations across France, including Corsica. There are different levels representing the type of services available at each beach. For example, Level Four offers the full range of beach equipment while Level One offers the lowest.

All Handiplage staff are highly trained and available throughout the Summer. Operating hours vary across locations but the majority are available Mon to Sun throughout the season.


Depending on the level of the beach, staff can assist the disabled visitor with equipment ranging from the Tiralo-amphibious wheelchairs or the Hippocampe-aquatic wheelchair to ropes provided for the sight impaired. Handiplage dedicated parking is available nearby and is normally free of charge.

To access the Handiplage facility, visitors will need to contact the local Mairie (town hall) or tourist office to reserve a place. They will be pleased to organise the day and provide the visitor with any help they may require.


Although obviously, French is the language of choice, all efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of any non French speaking visitors.

The following websites are in the French language but can easily be translated via Google, Babelfish etc.



The directory lists all the Handiplage beaches with relevant links where possible. Please note that disabled friendly toilets and showers are available at the Handiplage.

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