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Where is the nearest loo to the Forum? Where is the closest supermarket to my hotel? Do drugstores in Rome really stock American and U.K medications? This website will give you the answers and more!

Laundromats P. Navona

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Rome Laundry Services

Piazza Navona

Lavanderia Lucia Elisabetta/Natalia Lupelli

Viccolo della Vacche 17


Tel: 06 686 4271

       06 6880 6266

Languages: Their English is much better than they make out!

Disabled Access: Step & narrow entrance

Extra Services: Ironing

                        Wash,Dry & Fold

Online Service

Pick Up & Delivery

Lavanderia Online Roma

Home Branch Address

Via Cipro 96


Tel: 06 89826481

Mobile Phone: 338 3046834

Email: info@lavanderiaonlineroma.it


Hours:      Call:                                                  Mon-Sat 10.00-20.00

                Laundry - Delivery and collection    Mon-Sat 11.00 to 19.00

Not available on Sunday

Price List: http://www.lavanderiaonlineroma.it/listino_prezzi.asp

Services: Emergency service=30% surcharge

                Free Pick Up & Delivery when over E 35.00

                 Ironing Service

Languages: Some staff speak English

Pick Up Zones:

Parioli Prati Balduina, Aurelia, Trionfale, Boccea, Montemario, Olympic, Trastevere, Historic Center, Monte Sacro, Trieste district, Flaming, Cassia

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