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Where is the nearest loo to the Forum? Where is the closest supermarket to my hotel? Do drugstores in Rome really stock American and U.K medications? This website will give you the answers and more!

News & Updates


14th Oct 2017: If I have to update Rome toilets one more time I'll scream....

17th Jan 2017: FYI ...Wondering why we are doubling up with our website & blog? No,its not that we have gone mad,or like excess work,it is because Go Daddy are updating their website & well lets just say,the new site is not easy as easy to update as they proclaim & waiting now over half an hour to see if this site will update........Lets just say the blog double up is an insurance policy LOL  read here

21st Feb 2016: Just to let everyone know....The public toilets in Rome still not have opened (with the exception of City Toilets near the Vatican)Everyone is still hoping for an Easter opening.Cross fingers

12/01/16    After much faffing about,investigations,emails & generally arguing with each other,we have reached a dead end with trying to add maps to our app.We were hoping to add all our maps via HTML (the closest we came to was 30 pages),so, unfortunately for the moment the map is on our homepage,the rest of the app has the link.If you want to see the page in all its glory,revert back to classic view :(

21/12/15    Well the 8th Dec came & went and unsurprisingly the refurbed toilets did not appear...they are now talking about Easter.There is a new company,City Toilet, that have started to install toilets in Rome.The first is in the Vatican area,the next will be near the Pantheon.  



24/11/15   All public toilets should be redeveloped or refurbished by Dec 8 2015.This is the deadline and the beginning of the Papal Jubilee year.Check out our Rome Toilets page for details...we look forward to the reality check on Dec 8 to see if everything is spick & span ready to go
9/6/15       If you are in Paris or going to Paris check out this website 

http://www.freeinparis.com/ great if you are on a budget. Regularly updated with things to see & do 


If you are travelling to Capri be prepared for the new toilets on the Largo Fontana at Marina Grande to be closed.They have been closed off & on since,roughly Oct14.Locals are very unimpressed.The other toilets opposite the bus station at the Port are still operating,although they are not disabled friendly


*16/4/15      ROME: Piazza Vittorio ,Via Merulana & other areas in the Esquilino have been approved for urban renewal. What this basically means for you & me...TOILETS!!!! The public toilets near Santa Maria Maggiore will re open as well as new toilets in the area. The date of completion is Dec/Jan 2015/16. Fingers crossed!


1st Mar:  Disabled & travelling to Venice..well good news for you from July you will be able to enjoy a ride on a gondola  


21/12/14 Florence Supermarket News: The il Centro supermarket group have officially been taken over by Carrefour.Some were officially taken over in August and have been listed on their website  http://www.carrefour.it/ ,while some of the other stores have yet to be listed.Most of the Meta markets have been rebranded under the Conad banner,although the store in the city centre remains a Meta Market.The two Despar stores remain a mystery at the moment ,owned by two brothers with many different company titles,whether they are bought out or still dance around insolvency.......who knows...we will endeavour to keep the store information updated

 It seems sadly the only stores in Florence that seem to be making a profit are the small Bottle Shops,Liquor Stores,Off Licences,what ever you want to call them.They may sell a few grocery items but their main stay is alcohol....you will see them on the main through fares coming into the city centre.They are hard to miss a Coke sign at the front and Limencello in the window...beer & hard liquor at the front.Remember no sales after 21.30

11/11/14:Google Map Upgrades

They have finally happened...the new map engines.Whats the difference? Well basically there is no street view....I don't know why....and no-one has been able to answer why. This does not affect the other Google street maps ONLY the maps that I and many others work on. 

I have had a quick peruse and while on some maps if you click on the enlarge map you get ie Paris pharmacies in the 13 eme on others like the supermarkets in 1e it expands to the whole of France...I don't know why. **To expand the map,click onto the square box upper right hand corner**

The drop down list is on the left hand side and for editing purposes part of the addresses will be added behind the "Name"

Because of the amount of maps we won't layer them at this stage,but when we eventually start on Spain we will

Currently we are updating Paris etc( see below) and once completed will add photos ( I am personally a visual person). Accuracy is important to us so we will reconfirm locations from the actual street view map....quite often they are out a bit...

If you find any problems please contact us so we can rectify the maps


Florence News:  While waiting for updates and checking the emails that I have hidden in the "look at later file"....... Meta Market & Il Centro Super/Mini Markets have gone through some shake ups.Meta market were taken over by Conad and in the process closed a number of stores.Those of you who popped into the one opposite the Pitti Palace for cheap drinks and eats will find it no longer there,but the one in town is still operating.Il Centro has filed for bankruptcy and the two brothers involved are still arguing about the process,leaving most of the stores still open (do not upset the franchisees) but again, some like the Meta Markets have closed.Not to bore you any more,in between updating Paris  during the weeks,I will start investigating & updating Florence on the weekends.I will do a quick update first and as the information gets back to me,will go into detail.No rest for the wicked!
19/10/14  The new look google maps are on there way,see updates below.For an example see 24/7 & Sunday Pharmacies in Rome,Florence.Naples or Paris.To open the map click on the square icon second from the end.The new maps are in layers,so you can choose which layer you want to look at eg if you only want 24/7 pharmacies,just click on the tick box to remove the layer.If you want to see what is open on a Sunday just click onto it again and the layer will open up.Unfortunately there is no streetview,but we will be working towards adding photos.Plus as accuracy is important to us,we will continue to visual & confirm before we we add anything....We have all had problems with GPS etc

Looking for a taste of home...those of you from the U.S and have made Europe a home away from home you  will love this online site .My American Market  

25th July        2014      For those of you travelling with reduced mobility you will be glad to hear that since June 2014,new laws will require laundromats larger than 50 sqm  fully accessible.How long it will take to do,or how many will obey the law is debatable but it is a start. This link is in French   http://lavomatique.fr/spip.php?page=articles&id_article=19  but very interesting

Those of you familiar with the Schlecker Drugstore chain maybe interested to know that they went into bankruptcy in 2012. The U Supermarket group has taken them over in France and at the moment are turning some of these stores into the U-tile Superettes and Supermarkets. The unprofitable stores are being closed down. In Spain and Portugal the DIA group was looking to purchase that division.   


29th Jan 2018:  We have finished up dating Paris toilets & have included  public & semi public toilets.We are now updating Paris Supermarkets on Sat & Sun. We have recently updated them, but are now adding photos & other info that may be useful to the traveller ! On Fridays we are updating Ischia.It has been a while since we have looked at Ischia , thankfully not to much has changed.Oh and of course, we are still updating the Cote d'Azur Mon-Thur...we are half way thru the supermarket area 

4th October 2017: We have started updating the Cote d Azur, & have completed up to Beaulieu Sur Mer/Saint Jean Cap Ferrat Police Stations . We are including Smartphones in our listings now. The Smartphone listings include Stores,agents for, repairs, accessories , computer store electrical store etc etc 
                             We have finished up to the 15 e in Paris all things smartphone/ cell/ mobile whatever you want to call it. While all the official stores have been listed, we are just finishing up adding all the other repair stores, computers stores etc  etc
                             We have nearly finished updating Paris Toilets in the 15e & will continue along updating, then will start updating Paris Supermarkets. Although we have finished updating only a short while ago, due to changes within Google maps  we have decided to "tart it up a bit"

23rd June 2017: We have completed Naples. 

19 th June 2017: We have practically finished Naples,with only the overviews left. We are half way thru re updating Paris toilets ( about to finish off the 10eme) & have finished updating Cannes,Monaco & Nice Pools & Beaches. From here we have decided to start updating the Cote d'Azur on Mon,Tue & Wed. Thur & Fri Parisi Cell Phones & Sat & Sun Paris Toilets 

27th Jan 2017   We are continuing to update Naples....we have nearly finished the Sant Chiara area.We also continue updating Paris. Cell phone stores on a Friday & Toilets on Sat & Sun. 

25 Oct 2016     Updates have been completed in Rome,Florence,Venice & we are now starting on Naples.We are continuing to update the toilets & cell phone stores in Paris ( who knew so many parks & gardens had a loo!) on the weekends...and if that isn't enough we have been refonting everything...I have been inspired by the simplicity & elegance of a "case study"house! 

21st Feb 2016  We have just updated Vatican City toilets and are progressing thru Rome...The Vatican area looms ahead.In Venice we are up to the Guidecca & In Paris we will start next weekend updating the toilets & adding cell phone information in the 3 arr
12th Jan         2016       Venice has all been completely updated up to the San Marco area.Going to concentrate for the next 2 weeks on updating the Trastevere area of Rome.
21st Dec        2015        We have completed Paris Toilets in the 1er,half way thru updating Rome(Trastevere ) & half way thru Venice (San Marco)

25th Nov        2015        We have just completed updating the Campo de Fiori area in Rome

24th Nov        2015        We are half way thru Paris Toilets in the 1st,doing updates only on weekends.Venice we will start updating the Santa Croce at the end of the week,and by weeks end Campo de Fiori area in Rome should be updated

31st Oct         2015        Paris Organics has been updated and photographs have also been included.Next week we start on updating Paris Toilets.....that should be fun!!!We are half way thru updating Rome and Venice with photos as well included

1st Oct            2015       We are slowly but surely working thru updating Rome,Venice & Paris.Rome (Mon-Thur)we are half way thru Pantheon area.Venice(Fri) up to San Polo Supermarkets & Paris (Sat & Sun) we have nearly completed Organics in the 18 eme.We are of course adding photos to all our updates.

 25th July         2015       Capri Beaches & Swimming Pools have finally been completed...what was meant to have been quick & easy to do became difficult.The difficult part was finding all my notes that I had put in a safe place!!!!Back to doing all my other updates,Jess has announced she will attempt to do some maps!I believe the she will start with either Naples or Rome beaches,depending on which moleskin has the easiest notes to re-read!

6th July           2015       You may have noticed some of the maps & pages now have photos! It will be a long process,bit never the less we think it looks good! Mon-Thur we are updating Rome,Fri we are adding photos to Venice,plus whatever updating needs to be done & on the weekends Paris (Organic at the moment)

18th May         2015       We have begun the labourious task of including photos on our website & maps.We have started in Rome first(week day updates) & on the the weekends while we are updating Paris,we have started on Organics.We have over 900 maps...lots of fun for us !! 

30th April         2015      Versailles Supermarkets,Small Groceries,Laundries,Pharmacies & Police Stations have all been updated.We will next update Rome during the week & continue updating Paris on the weekends (Organic Groceries,Swimming Pools & Toilets)Then to reformat,re Google updating all maps 

14th April         2015      Paris Police Stations have all been updated.We have also included photos of the Police Stations on the maps                             Florence Swimming Pools have all been updated.We have included photos of the Pools. How do I get there? has been included on both.

2nd April          2015      Paris Small Groceries & Laundromats between 1st & 20th have all been updated.Google updated all the maps(see above) and we will re format all the the map info & include photos once we have completed Paris.As you can imagine it will be a mammoth task,so we will get there....eventually!:)

9th Mar            2015      Florence Pharmacies,PostOffice/Couriers & Toilets have all been updated.Just a reminder most toilets in restaurants,hotels,cafes will be on Level-1.For the disabled you will find more disabled toilets in restaurants & hotels.We have only mobile phone stores to re-format & swimming pools to update,then off to Rome

4th Jan              2015       Florence Laundromats,Laundry & Dry Cleaners etc have been updated.Most of the prices have gone up by  E 0.50.The "Wash & Dry" brand have been taken over by Speed Queen.Prices should remain uniform.The main difference will be Wifi being available in the newly re-branded stores

 21st Nov           2014       Florence Supermarkets have been updated...we have extended the brief and added in Enoteca/Wine stores ,Bread Shops  etc 

10th Nov          2014      Spent the weekend updating the Police & Carabinieri information.Where the information was available Email addresses & Fax numbers have been included.Please note that the email address for Naples is the same for the majority of of the Police stations ( there is only one exception) the same is for Ischia & Capri. The Carabinieri all have individual addresses.
                                   On a side note while waiting for all the uploads.I noticed that the Florence maps are out of quilter since the Google map updates,and some alimentari are now Kebab shops...so on the week ends I will be working on the updates and realignments 
19th Oct           2014     Well about a month ago Google announced that they would be soon updating all the maps to the New Mapengines,which is all well & good except there isn't any streetview!(There is though on the other google maps ) Why they have decided to do this is a mystery. At the moment we are trying to update as much as possible ,so as not to waste time flicking from one style of map to the other.Once that is done we will transfer or Google will , them all to the new maps.The transfer will be automated which means reformatting every single map and hopefully if we don't die from exhaustion adding photos so you can still have a visual. So without boring you too much more...it means we will have to delay starting Spain till about  mid July 2015

27th Aug           2014     Provence has nearly been completed.We found a few extra epiceries to add, plus Swimming pools & Toilets overviews to upload.From here we will review and update the Cote d'Azur and Paris before we move on to our next city....maybe Madrid

26th July           2014       We have just finished Nimes & a few Epicerie Fine updates across the the Cote d'Azur.The challenge of dealing with the Utile (Marche U groupe)  supermarkets that have re branded a number of the bankrupted Schlecker stores continues.....the directory will show Utile/Schlecker until we can confirm whether the store has been closed or rebranded 

14th July           2014   Naples,Capri & Ischia have all been updated. Mobile phone stores have now been uploaded.We are working through Provence,finishing Mougins last night and now commencing Nimes

9th June           2014   Rome,Florence & Venice mobile / cell phone stores have been uploaded.Currently we are updating Naples,Capri & Ischia,& then we will add mobile / cell phone stores.Shortly we will also start to upload Provence , starting with Aix-en -Provence.

24th April          2014   Rome has been updated.We will shortly start uploading Mobile Phone Store locations throughout the city

16th March        2014   Rome supermarkets have all been updated.There have been some changes eg The dept store Coin on the Cola di Rienzo in the Vatican area  is rebranding itself and from April will be known as Excelsoir Roma and the supermarket will change into a " Food Hall".I have included a link on the page to the Milano store that already implemented this new concept.Next.....updating the toilets in Rome.

4th   March        2014   We have uploaded all the maps for the French Riviera and are currently working on the overviews. Jess is also updating Rome,before she sets off to work on another destination.

14th November 2013   We are currently working on the French Riviera,and we will start uploading around the New Year. So stay tuned!

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